Many of the villages along the route have no accommodation but this will soon change as the trail grows in popularity. The website will be updated and keep you informed of new and recommended places to stay.

Wild Camping
The law on wild camping is vague; at the time of writing the forestry ministry are introducing new laws for visitors entering forest areas. Check the website for the latest information. There are many beautiful wild camping spots along the route so please try and leave them as you found them.
Be careful if lighting a fire as it is forbidden in most places.



There are quite a number of places in the town.

Petunay Konak


Loryma Resort

Dream Hotel (Open All Year)
+90 532 597 20 09


Villa Floria (Closed from October to May)

Kumlubük Maris Otel (Open All Year)

There is a place to pitch a tent by the Necip Dayının Yeri teahouse in the center.
Contact Mehmet: + 90 538 499 24 77

There is no accommodaiton available in the village. Should you want to set a tent, 800 meters outside the village on the road to Söğüt is Kaçamak Cafe, you may put a tent in their garden. Toilets and showers available. 
There are two places on AirBnB in the village. 

In 4 km's distance is Söğüt Village and there are plenty of places to stay. 


There are three restaurants that are open in the summer months. Sailors House Restaurant has bungalows and is suitalble for tents. 

Sailor's House (Mustafa)
+90 536 448 63 39 

The only option in this remote part of the peninsula is to camp. Close to the ruined church is a spring that runs all year except for the summer months. 


Suna House (open all year)
+90 535 682 6014 (Suna is the owner)

Saranda Pansiyon

There are plenty of places for accommodation in the town. 

Suna Pansiyon Apart (OPEN All Year)
0536 423 49 43 (Suna Hanım)

Ünlü Apart 
0252 456 21 34 (Fadıl Ünlü)

Many options for accommodation


Sardunya Hotel & Restaurant (Open All Year)

Jenny's House
+90 252 446 42 89 

Poseidon Boutique Hotel (Open All Year)
+90 (252) 446 40 80

Turgut Village
Twins Apart
 +90 538 286 31 19

Zakkum Restaurant Pansiyon
0532 897 78 86


Pınar's Bungalow
0533 773 13 35

There are plenty of options for accommodation. Check for availability for winter months.




Maya Apart
 +90252 712 48 75

Konak Tucel Efe
+90 2527124488

Eski Datça

Eski Datça Evleri

Yağhane Pansiyon 

Hızırşah Köyü

The campsite is located on the 3rd km after the village. You need to go off the route for 500 meters to get there. There are tents and rooms avaible for rent. They are open all year round. The owners of the campsite are well aware of the trail and helped us a lot during the maintenance of the trail in the peninsula.  

Climbing Datça 
Tel: +90 536 680 19 77 (Onur Yurtbaşı)

There is no accommodation in this bay. The land is a private property and it is ok to pass through the land to the beach. Musa Unal lives on this place and it is best to give him a call before you get there. Musa Ünal (0535 3270241). It is ok to put a tent on the beach, but no fires please!


Gabaklar Pansiyon/Bungalow

There are plenty of places that are open in the summer months but the options are limited on the other months of the year. Please check for availibility. You can put your tent up by this long beach. 

It is forbidden to camp in the ancient city however it is possible to the so by the parking area (which is almost emty off the season). 

Murdala, Mersincik

The only option is to camp. Water is a problem in these bays, but there is a large olive groove in Mersincik and the guard of the land is quite helpful for the hikers. Many people reported that they could get water from them.

Karaköy (Körmen Limanı)

The village that is located a few km's inland is called Karaköy and the harbour area is known as Körmen. There is one camping on the beacg that is open in the summer months. 

Halise Apart

Flow DatçaSurf & Beach Hotel (Kösekesik Mevkii)

Mercan Pansiyon (Karaincir District) 

Özil Mokamp

Club Amazon


There is a restaurant that is open in the summer motnths.. Ali Bar & Restaurant (+90 546 210 27 09). Please contact him should you want to camp here)

Global Sailing Resort

Çamlı Village
Defne Butik Otel

Boncuk Camping 
+90 533 335 6150

Pandispanya Butik Pansiyon 
0535 550 93 49

Ucurtma Hotel


Caretta Hotel
0 535 855 71 41

Yücelen Otel
+90.252.243 51 08