The Datça region stretches along a narrow peninsula to its western extremity of Cape Crio where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean sea. The isthmus is also known as the Reşadiye Peninsula, from the beginning of the twentieth century honouring the penultimate Ottoman sultan Mehmed V Reşad. Reşadiye is also a village close to the main town of Datça. Apart from the main town of Datça this mountaineous slither of land is scarcely populated.

Much of the peninsula is protected and the maquis forests rising from the northern shores are home to many 'dağ keçesi' wild mountain goats and endemic plant species. With its numerous bays and secluded coves untouched by development, under sail has been the most popular way to explore the dramatic coastline.
This walking section starts from Datça heading south and west along rugged coastal headlands to the ancient city of Knidos and Deveboynu lighthouse at the end of the cape. The view looks across to The Greek Islands of the Dodecanese. Turning east along the mostly uninhabited northern shore the trail passes Sedir ısland of Cleopatra fame. Heading inland the trail continues down a tree lined avenue of tall Eucalyptos trees and past an ancient tomb of Idyamos to the charming resort of Akyaka.
As well as being famous for its three B's Badem- almonds, Bal- honey and Balık- fish the small harbour town and region are growing as a popular tourist destination. The original site of Knidos was founded at Burgaz, one and a half kilometers to the north east of the town. The city was moved during the 4th century BCE for commercial reasons to capitalize on the expanding sea trade.
There are many apartments, holiday homes, pensions and small hotels in town and Eski Datça. The harbour front is lined with café bars and good selection of restaurants.
There are regular buses to/from Marmaris connecting to all major cities in Turkey. From Datça there are also services to Hayıt bükü, Ova Bükü and Palamutbükü.
From June there is a daily car ferry from Datça to bodrum with a limited service running the rest of the year. In summer there are ferries running from Datça to Symi and Rhodes.
Closest airports are Dalaman and Bodrum, both over 3 hours away by road.